Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Baby Shower Themes for Boys

December 05, 2017

by Ammara

Are you or your loved one having a baby boy? Congratulations! Boys are said to be the heart and soul of a mother and a mother has every right to celebrate having a boy. But the hardest task to accomplish for a baby shower is to come up with the perfect theme for it. This is why we have decided to help you out; we have made a list of trending themes that you can follow and how to execute each of them!

Cowboys and the old West

Remember toy story and how Andy’s favorite toy was a cowboy. The excitement he had when he found the horse to go with Woody. In the same way, many boys develop a passion for cowboys when they grow up; to the point that they even want to be one. So why not hold a cowboy theme shower for the baby to be? You can make the entire room look like the old west with cacti and lizards. You can hand out cowboy hats, have cut outs of horses. Give the mommy a sheriff’s star to make her stand out from the rest. Let your imagination go wild with this one.


There are multiple ways that you can arrange this theme; you can do the Milky Way, space invaders, astronauts, the solar system, and so much more. Whichever you decide you can accomplish so much in that theme. Get a cut out of an astronaut so that people can pose with him. Fill the room with planets and stars; you will easily find the glow in the dark ones at any toy store. Your cake can reflect the theme as well with a baby boy riding on a shooting star.

Race car

Which boy doesn’t like cars? Eventually most of them will grow up to be obsessed with cars, especially if their father is a car fanatic. Again, you can do a whole lot with this theme; you can follow the Cars (cartoon) theme, a race car/formula one theme, or a general race car or car theme. You can get a few cars from the nearest toy shop and hold a contest to see whose car wins. You can also use a car cutout for invitation purposes. There is so much that you can do with this theme once you put your mind to it.

Sports theme

This is also an open ground for you. You can either choose a particular sport or choose them all. If you include a ball sport involving balls, it would get way easier for you as it will be easier to get and make decorations around it. Just add some grass cutting on the ends of the walls, a few balls here and there, ball cake pops for added dessert and you’re good to go. You can even get a dress for the mommy which has a ball made on the tummy so it looks like the stomach is the ball.

Sunshine theme

Boys are the sunshine of their mother’s world, so this theme will perfectly reflect her feelings. The dress code for this theme can be yellow and summery. You can have the place decorated in blue, yellow and gold; all of which are complementary with each other. The cake can be in the form of a sun and you can use lots of balloons if you are on a budget. You will easily find yellow colored decorations as well.



Blue and silver

If you are on a budget and want to keep it classy at the same time, then the best theme for you to follow would be the blue and silver theme. There is not much you will need to do in the decorations, so that means that you will not need to get much customized for the day. Simply get loads of blue and silver balloons and wall hangings. The dress code can be blue and silver as well. Just follow the color code for everything regarding the baby shower and you will be good to go.

Little man theme

Personally we believe that this is one of the best themes to follow; the end result will be so cute. There are many places where you will find rompers that say little man on it or have a mustache drawn on them and the likes, purchase these and hang them behind the main serving table. They can later be used by the mother as well. You can also stick small mustaches to the straws that will be served; have cupcakes that reflect the theme. You can even use suspenders as a form of wall hangings.

An outdoorsy theme

In Pakistan boys are known to have the privilege to stay out late and be outdoorsy, as they can travel around the country and explore everything. So why not follow that theme. This is the best one to follow if you are considering holding a baby shower outside the house. You can hold a bar-b- q instead and have a small bon fire if possible. It would be a great adventure for everyone attending the party.

Boys will be boys theme

There are endless times that we have used the phrase boys will be boys. So take that phrase and turn it into a theme. Think or research about all the things that little boys like such as comic book characters, animals and insects, rocks and dirt, trucks, etc. and reflect all of that in your decorations. It will look great and will definitely be very different from the themes people usually follow.

Sailor/sea theme

Ahoy there matey! Okay maybe that’s what pirates say but even that doesn’t sound like a bad idea to use for a theme. You can use that or a sailors/navy theme for the baby shower. You can choose your decorations and have your cake made accordingly. Place a few compasses here and there, along with a few ship cutouts. You can use the blue and white colors of the navy. A few life saver jackets to give the added touch. Let you mind run free with this theme.


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