Best Back Workouts for Men

Best Back Workouts for Men

December 06, 2017

by Sameer

Do you sit at your office desk all day and work relentlessly on your computer with a chair that does not offer a good back support? Or do you drive your car with the seat laid back? Always remember that there are repercussions of sitting without a straight back, and these repercussions will lead to a backache which will only get worse with time if you do not support your back at the earliest. Whether you are looking to improve your posture or you want to reduce your back pain, the best way to go about it is by doing back workouts. Back exercises help in making your back stronger, reducing the amount of back pain and also ensuring that you do not develop any back problems in the future.

There are multiple benefits of having a strong back:

  •      When you have a strong back, you will find it easier to lift heavy weights, though you should never lift them with your back, your back  support will be strong.
  •      Your posture will get better; you will have straighter shoulders and a more puffed out chest.
  •      You will find yourself sitting straighter which will also reduce the chances of developing back issues or pain.
  •      It will also make your neck straighter and taller which will also reduce your chances of getting neck pain.
  •      It will make you look more confident.
  •      You will notice a renewed force which consists of strength and power.

You will notice that there back workouts for men and women are different and in this article, we will be discussing the best back exercises for men which will assist in making your back stronger while improving your posture.

So what are the best exercises that you should do to ensure a strong back? Keep on reading to find out some of the best workouts and how to do them.

Best Back Exercises


Though this exercise is not solely dedicated to help your back, it is designed to increase the strength of your entire body. The exercise is quite easy and for beginners its best to use weights that are on the lighter side so that no injury is caused. Deadlifts also work on your back and make it stronger; all you have to do is roll the barbell up to your shins, you will need to bend at your hips and grab the barbell while making sure that your hands are at least shoulder length apart from each other. Now slowly and steadily stand up with the barbell, stop for a moment and put it back down. You will need to perform this exercise at least 15 times in one set.

Front squat

Everybody knows what a front squat is and they sound pretty easy to do right? But when you are doing front squats especially to help your back, you will be performing them with weights which kind of make them hard. When you are doing a front squat grab a barbell at least shoulder length apart, pick it up and place it on top of yourself on your shoulders. Only use some weights that you can manage. You will then need to pick up your upper arms so that the barbell only rolls onto your fingers. Now push your hips back and bend at your knees slowly, come back up and repeat the exercise. Squats are great exercise when you are looking to work on your upper back. They make your muscles stronger, but throughout the entire exercise, you need to make sure that you have a stable form. Otherwise, you can cause an injury to yourself.

Bent-over underhand barbell row

When you are performing the row exercises, you will notice that using a barbell will let you handle more weight. The best part about this exercise is that it triggers muscle growth in your upper back and body. When you are using this form of exercise to straighten up your back, then make sure that you use an underhand grip, this will impact your spine and your shoulder blades, which is great as these are the muscles that suffer the most due to the amount of sitting spent in a day. The process of the exercise is pretty simple, just take hold of the barbell with an underhanded grip and keep it at an arm’s length distance. Pull your shoulder blades together and pull up the barbell to your abs and pause for a little moment. Now slowly put the barbell back into its original position and repeat the process several times.

Seated cable row

A hardcore upper back exercise, seated cable rows are best for eliminating any back pain that has been pestering you for a while. If you add a pause to the training, you will notice that it will be more efficient in straightening out your back and building up your muscles. As you pause during the exercise, even for three seconds, your muscles will be working during it and will be gaining more power. The reason that you need to strengthen your torso is that it will lead to a stronger back, else you will find that a weak torso would mean unstable shoulders. Make sure that you do not cause stress on your shoulders during this exercise and the only way to do that is by keeping your shoulders down and pushing them back. The directions of the exercise are: you will be required to make an attachment on the cable station, use a straight bar for that. Brace your feet and ensure that you have a firm grip on the floor and that you are standing stable. Take hold of the bar, make certain that your grip is overhand and that it is shoulder length apart, also make sure that you are sitting upright. Next, pull up the bar to the upper half of your abs. You will need to pause in this place and then retreat to where and how you started. Throughout the entire exercise, your torso needs to remain upright and stationary.


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