Premature Birth

Premature Birth

January 12, 2018


Any birth given before 37 weeks will fall in the category of premature birth. Preterm labor happens when you start experiencing contractions and your cervix starts to dilate well before the due date of the baby. 
A premature birth may serve to be fatal to the baby or the baby may suffer from other health problems. Early preterm babies are at more risk of developing health related issues than late preterm babies. Sometimes these babies may suffer from developmental problems that may last them a long time. However, it is not necessary that every preterm baby suffers from issues; there is a possibility that the baby is healthy, but will require time to come to the required health condition. 
It is best to be at high alert during your pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, for signs and symptoms of labor: virginal bleeding, pain in the abdominal area, pressure on your pelvic area, and change in virginal discharge, lower back pain. If you experience any these symptoms, it is best to visit your doctor at the earliest. Many doctors may inject you with a medicine that will make the baby’s lungs develop faster than normal, so when the baby is born, the risk of developing a lung problem is at a minimal. 
There are some risk factors that you should know about preterm birth:
If you are pregnant with more than one child, the chances of preterm birth are higher. ?
The older you get the chances of a preterm birth increases. ?
If your previous baby was preterm then there are higher chances of the other one being preterm as well. ?
If there is any abnormality with the placenta or uterine. ?
If you haven’t managed to gain the required amount of weight during pregnancy. ?
If you haven’t been able to quit smoking or drinking alcohols then there are higher chances that your baby gets born before time. ?
If the interval between your pregnancies has been a short one. ?
If you have ever had an abortion or more then the baby may risk preterm birth. ?
If you are suffering from diabetes or hypertension or a few other medical problems. ?
If you have a gum disease that you have not treated before pregnancy. ?
The next thing you need to be aware of are the signs and symptoms of preterm labor. Once you have been able to identify it you can react to the situation accordingly. Some of the signs and symptoms are as follows: 
You may start to suffer from cramps which are similar to those you get during your period. Check for their duration, whether they come and go. ?
Make sure that you keep a check on your vaginal discharge. If you have blood or other type of liquid leaking in a higher quantity then you must call your doctor. This also includes a change in the color and texture of your vaginal discharge. ?
You may experience some pressure on your pelvic floor; you will start to feel as if the baby is pushing down and is trying to find the way out. ?
You may experience dull and low backache. ?
Cramps in the abdominal area. ?
You will start to get uterine contractions as well which may come and go after every ten minutes or so. Keep a check and try to time them out if they are consistent or irregular. ?
Now that you have been able to identify preterm labor, you need to make sure that you know how you need to handle the situation and what you need to do. Just follow the following steps and you will be good to go. If the signs have been identified as preterm labor then make sure that you:
Lie down on the bed and make sure that you face your left side. Take rest in this position for at least one hour. ?
Have liquids; this includes juice and water. Drink at least 3 glasses. ?
If you feel that the signs and symptoms are increasing that is the contractions are occurring within a span of every 10 minutes  then go to the hospital or contact your doctor immediately. ?
If you feel that they have decreased them make sure that you get a good amount of rest. Avoid whatever it is you did which got the symptoms started in the first place. ?
If you feel that they are back then it is best to go to the hospital and call your doctor. ?
You must take care of yourself and rest in case you are at a high risk of entering preterm labor. Make sure that you are not alone if you feel that you are experiencing any of the signs and symptoms of preterm labor. Eat healthy and stop unhealthy habits and try not to take stress as that is the number one factor due to which many women experience various difficulties during their pregnancy. For more on Health related queries go to our expert Aman Foundation's profile here. 



Naushervan Beg

My daughter was born three months premature weighing barely a kilo and with that our whole world had changed. We were not prepared to be parents as our child was to arrive three months later and as a full term baby, needless to say it was a very challenging time as everything happened in a flash and all of a sudden I was a dad, whose newly arrived and extremely tiny baby was rushed to the NICU as it was born and was to remain there for the next two months. In the first few days of my daughter’s birth I had not even realized what had happened, I guess partially it was the element of surprise and largely I wanted to channel my energy giving my wife the required confidence and strength, whose world was absolutely shaken-up. This also meant I had to be stronger and put on a brave face and this by far was one of the best decisions I made. Therefore in order to be the best father to a preemie baby you need to be the best husband to a preemie baby's mother. It is normal for mother’s to go through a very emotional period after their pregnancy (post pregnancy trauma) hence as a father your need to deal with it and this becomes more extensive as mother’s caring for a premature child are absolutely physically and mentally drained. Premature babies also need a lot of emotional caring hence always talk to your baby, sing to it, hold it close to your body and you will yourself feel the bond getting stronger. Make sure your positive vibes are transmitted to the baby. Conclusively to summarize the above points many things will come naturally, just let your soft side take the lead, be strong for your family and express extensive love for the family unit. The other part of managing and caring for a premature baby is to gain enough understanding of how to handle a premature baby and to manage its environment and watch for the milestones in the baby’s development. There is enough and plenty information available in the public domain on the net on the subject matter but most importantly ensure that you constantly communicate with the baby’s pediatric team and be informed of every decision and recommendation they make and the rationale behind it. That said a premature baby transitions towards being a normal-term baby and soon develops the resilience and capacity to take on the world. My daughter is six years old today, is in grade one, dose ballet, gymnastics and plays the piano and excels on many fronts. As a very happy and experience father to a premature baby I’m always happy to connect to other fathers who could gain form my experience.
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