Rashes and Solutions

Rashes and Solutions

January 13, 2018


A wet diaper that comes in direct contact with the baby’s skin is the main cause of a rash to develop on a baby. As the wet diaper produces more friction between the baby and the skin when it comes in contact, it causes the baby’s already sensitive skin to develop a rash. 
There are a few different ways that you can prevent a rash from happening, these include:
Leaving your baby diaper-less for a longer duration of time during the day. ?
Changing their diaper after every two hours or so. ?
Using a good brand of diapers that are better at absorbing.?
Washing your baby during every diaper change rather than using a wet wipe. ?
Rashes can cause a lot of pain and distress; it can also be one of the reasons that your baby is uncomfortable. It is best to wash your baby’s private parts before changing the diaper, as cleaning it with a wet wipe will cause more pain. But, if rashes have occurred then you can try the following techniques to remove them:
Use Rashnil or any other diaper cream – they are easily available at any pharmacy. ?
Use Sudo Cream (it works like a charm)?
Leave the baby open that is without a diaper, for a long period of time. You can place a changing mat or a plastic mat under the baby if your fear them peeing all over the place.  ?
Avoid leaving the baby wet too long. Change the diaper as frequently as possible. ?
Apply small amounts of powder on the rash so that if does not remain wet. ?
You can also use a mixture of corn flour and water and apply on the infected area and let it dry. It’s a miracle especially if you want to use a natural remedy. ?
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