Question From Anonymous 29-Sep-2017 - 10:09 AM

heavy traffic

please tell me if as a citizen i have any right to restrict the movement of heavy/container/ truck/lorry traffic on main thoroughfares during the morning/school going peak hours in the city. too much of heavy traffic moves on our roads and i feel danger for my and all school going kids because of them. READ ANSWER


03-Oct-2017 01:20 AM

Hello and thanks for such a crucial question about our chaotic use of public spaces in urban settings. No person has the right to arbitrarily block any routes or restrict the movement of traffic, heavy or otherwise. Any intended blockage or restriction must be approved of by the Government before it can be allowed. It appears from your query that you are concerned about the heavy traffic which moves on our roads by businesses and the risk it poses for private citizens who use the roads - generally speaking the Government should only allow the use of public thoroughfares at times that where road use in minimal or ensure that the necessary safety protocols of such transportation are followed and applied strictly. Unfortunately, our Government fails to conduct such rigorous implementation of safety laws, please take the Bahawalpur Oil Tanker tragedy as an example. It is important for us to hold our Government responsible for its duties towards us and I would suggest that you write to the relevant authority to take action for the protection of our children and loved ones. Thank you.


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