Question From Lubna Saleem 18-May-2017 - 02:09 PM

I am 5 months postpartum

I am 5 months postpartum and I had a cesarean birth, can you please advice some yoga positions for me to do at this stage?


19-May-2017 12:32 PM

Hi. Thank you for the question. So as you mentioned it's been 5 months so I will recommend some poses under the assumption that your body has recovered from the initial weaknesses and pains of labor. Also please confirm with your doctor, whether your body is ready to start exercises. You must first begin with Supine exercises. These are accomplished lying down flat on your back, giving the body maximum support. 1) Raised leg pose: Before you raise both legs start with one leg at a time. initially lift and hold for a few seconds and then release. Don't exert for the first couple of weeks. Once you feel ready, try lifting and holding both legs. 2) Wind relieving pose and twist: You can perform this by lying down on your back and bringing both knees to your chest and holding them with your hands to bring them closer. You may also then drop the knees to the left and the right side to get a spinal twist. When you go for a spinal twist, spread your arms wide. 3) Supine Bound Angle pose: Lying down flat on your back and then connect the bottom of your feet together. This will result in the release of your lower back while also focusing on opening the hips. 4) Fish pose: Lying flat on your back, gently place your hands under your hips. Then use your elbows to lift your chest and head off the ground. Then gently place the crown (top) of your head on to the mat. You will notice your throat and abdomen stretching. Try to avoid putting pressure on your neck. Do this pose for a 3 to 5 breathes and then make sure you exit the pose the same way you entered it. 5) Bridge Pose: lying down flat on your back, bring both feet close to your hips and bend your knees. Place your finger tips next to your ankles. No gently start lifting your hips up towards the sky. lead with your pelvic. Perform this pose with care and don't push yourself too much. Gradually progress, starting with holding the pose for just 3 breathe cycles. If you need more assistance in understanding the poses, I would recommend scheduling a session with a yoga teacher who could guide you through the process. Also YouTube maybe of excellent help. Good luck!


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