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  • How do i potty train my baby

    Bringing up children comes with a task after task and one of them is  potty training them. It is one of the milestones of parenthood, mainly to put to rest the changing of diapers and carrying them around. As with everything else that involves kids, patience is the key. Some, children, learn faster, some take ...

  • When should I register my baby for preschool?

    When you’re pregnant, there are numerous questions floating around in your head and ten thousand things that you stress about but in the blink of an eye; your baby is out of diapers and ready to for their first day at preschool.A preschool is an institution that offers education early on i.e. from the ages of two and above. It differs from regular day care in the ...

  • 5 Ways to baby proof your home

    Babies tend to start crawling when they are about seven to eight months old, and it is a little before that time comes that parent’s spring into action, baby proofing their house. Generally it is recommend that you start baby proofing before you child is even born. This is so that you can skip the hassle and stress of chasing a crawling baby and are able to spend...

  • 5 Tips to travel with a baby

    They say travelling is the ultimate escape. It is incredible how you learn and explore different cultures and locations; it broadens your perspective on how you view certain things.  I was a firm believer and doer of all that until travelling with a baby happened. Everything takes a spin when you have to take care of a little someone and put their needs on a prio...

  • 9 super foods for your baby

    Congratulations, you've reached that milestone where your tiny human is growing up and is ready for solids! This is that critical point in their lives when the palate is trained, so keep in mind to mix things up every once in a while and introduce new flavours and remember, you can never go wrong with the fresh food.If you’re not sure of what to feed your child, b...

  • Tips for giving your baby a bath

    When it comes to giving your baby a bath, things can get a little tricky at first. It might be a little nerve-wracking the first few times but eventually, you'll become a pro.  Each baby responds to being given a bath differently. Some find the water soothing, whereas others kick and scream from start to end. But don’t worry, no matter how your child feels a...

  • Should I have a baby shower?

    Baby showers are basically a westernized version of our age old ritual where a ceremony is hosted to shower the expectant mom with love, blessings as well as gifts for the upcoming baby. It is usually set together by close family or friends. Originally, it was an all-women gathering to celebrate womanhood and the power to carry another human being inside. However, ove...

  • Trying to Conceive Your First Baby

    Conceiving your first baby may not be as easy as you think. It will be different for different women. Some women may conceive in- their very first few days of trying while others may take a good amount of time before getting pregnant. Usually, a couple may wait for a year after consummation of marriage for the wife to conceive, and if it does not happen during this pe...


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  • Jehanzaib Khan


    my friend has a five month old baby. woh baby ko khud nurse karrahi hai, and she is fasting. woh kia supplements lay so that usko aur baby ko puri nuarisment milay during fasting. thank u

  • Seema Abdaal

    My baby has not pooped

    My baby has not pooped for the past two days, should I be worried?

  • Farzana Rasheed

    My baby has skin eczema

    My baby has eczema on his skin. He is only 2 months old. How should I treat it?


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