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  • Exercise during Pregnancy; Yes or No?

    Truth be told, I am not a particularly active person, my idea of an ideal Sunday would probably be sleeping in till 5 pm and it’s safe to say that I haven’t spent a majority of my life at the gym; so you can only imagine my joy when I heard the word “Pregnant” and “Rest” in the same sentence.  However, a quick chat with my doctor took me down a whole differe...

  • Must mommy buys for pregnancy

    Pregnancy can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Welcoming a new one into the family and taking up the responsibility is a huge task. So congratulations, now that you’re expecting, it’s time to look at the top 10 must buys which will ensure that these 9 months to go as smooth as possible.Prenatal VitaminsYour body needs nutrients and so does your baby. ...

  • How to shed the after pregnancy pounds?

    One of the biggest joys of motherhood is to be able to take care of and nourish this little bundle of love. Every mother has many concerns bubbling in her mind, such as when should she feed the baby? What to do when the baby cries? Why does the newborn sleep so much? And most importantly, how can I get my pre-pregnancy body back? Go Slow Firstly, take a dee...

  • Physical changes during pregnancy

    We often perceive pregnancy as the perfect combination of happiness, love and a road to a miraculous journey. While of course, that is what pregnancy is mostly, the joy of knowing you will be a parent, the euphoria when you feel the first movement, even the morning sickness is welcomed with open arms! However, there is some not-so-delightful physical changes pregn...

  • Pregnancy safe beauty products

    No one decodes product labels on the back of a bottle faster than a pregnant woman but when you’re exhausted and your body won’t cooperate, trying to find a safe product that suits your skin can be overwhelming.Below are a few pregnancy safe beauty products that you can bank on:Nail Polishes by ZoyaIf you’re in the mood for professional looking nails without the added...


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