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  • 3 Ways to put your toddler to sleep

    Is your tiny tot giving you trouble at night? We’ve all been there, engaged in battle trying to get our child to sleep so we can catch a break too, but sometimes it’s not that easy. The thing is that some children are just born “good sleepers” while others are not.It takes some time to settle into a routine that works for you and the little one but in the meantime...

  • Activities to enjoy with your toddler

    If your child is between the ages of 1 and 3; he is now at that wonderful stage in his life where he possesses the skills to express knowledge regarding the way the world works while being adorably clueless about his own role in it. With a short attention and bundle of energy, your toddler is ready to take on any exciting adventures the world throws his way. ...

  • Moving your toddler to a bed

    There is no better feeling in this world than to cuddle up with your child knowing that they are safe and sound with you but as they grow older; the time for them to move to their own bed will creep up before you know it. As with most things, the move from your room or the family bed to your baby’s own needs to be done when you feel the time is right for both of you. ...

  • Activities For Toddlers During Ramadan

    Ramadan can be a very tiring time for mothers of toddlers. You have the responsibility of taking care of your household while taking care of your child; that is not an easy job. This time around Ramadan might seem even more challenging due to the heat wave that we are having. Thus, all mothers need to make sure that they take good care of themselves throughout th...

  • Why Toddlers sometimes Lose their Temper?

    Being a mother, it is no surprise that I often found it hard to calm my three years old son whenever he got furious for the reasons unknown. Once he asked me to bring him a remote control car, and I did the same. The very next day, he broke that into pieces saying that it was not exactly the same as he had wished for. I tried to bring his temper down by promising...

  • Tips for Building Language Skills in Toddlers

    How thirsty you would be to see your baby utter his/her first word like “mama”, or “Baba”. Once it starts, there is no end to your “chatterbox”. Here, are some simple things that can help you build their language skills and pace up their learning process.Keep speaking to them (don’t expect it to be a bilateral conversation though!!)Even though you cannot add muc...

  • Toddler Milestones

    Your little one is growing quickly and you need to keep a strict eye on their development to make sure that they are growing properly. Knowing the milestones that your toddler will reach is a sure way of knowing that they are developing perfectly fine. There are many milestones that you need to look out for. Upon reaching these milestones, you can celebrate wit...

  • Caring For Your Toddler

    So till now things were smoother. Your little baby was entirely dependent upon you to be carried around. Your home was peaceful and in perfect shape. But now the little human is all up on his/her feet and everything is an arena to be explored before him. So the young explorer will now be running around, many a times getting into places where he/she shouldn’t be a...

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Exhaustion strategies for babies

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